It is early morning and you are in a rush to reach the office. However your garage door seems to have other ideas and it just won’t close. Welcome to the frustrating world of jammed garage doors.

Appreciating the Crucial Role of the Garage Door

Your garage door provides a major access route to the house as well as keeps many valuables safe in the garage. What’s more, if the door is not closing it points to a deeper problem, which might cause accidents if the door releases accidentally.

In essence, leaving your garage door open is exposing yourself and family to danger and property losses.

Using a Professional Garage Door Expert to Troubleshoot

There is no denying that when you have an emergency such as a jammed door, the first thing you try is to tinker with the system. Well, you better not, because you will be jeopardizing your safety in a big way. What’s more, you might even aggravate the problem necessitating more money in repairs.

This is where an emergency Dayton garage door repair service comes in handy. He will help you diagnose these top five causes of such a problem:

  • Wrong lubricant: If you are using oil or ordinary grease to lubricate, your door is attracting all kind of dirt. Dust and grime on the system will definitely inhibit smooth movement of the door. An expert will advise you to use lithium grease, which you spray on the tracks and does not attract dirt and grime.
  • Wrong open and close limit: If you have tampered with the automatic opener, it is most likely that you set open and close limit wrongly. An expert will help you to adjust the correct height using the down limit switch.
  • Blocked sensors: Sensors work in straight positioning and if any is blocked the other one cannot catch the signal. Dirt could also be a culprit if it covers a sensor’s eye and an expert will help to diagnose if this is the problem.
  • Electrical fault: This is the most overlooked aspects of faulty doors. If there is a problem with the housebreaker or fuse box, your door cannot close properly.
  • Damaged track: Warping of the track is common due to the weight of the door and this can lead to restricted movement due to friction. An expert has the tools to help repair such a track without causing more damage.