The way garage door are been made today is totally different from how they were made some years ago. The technology been used when making garage door differ a lot as today we have new technology that have made everything to change. Also the maintenances of these garage doors have a big difference.Due to expansion in technology different manufactures and companies have invented different methods of making garage doors opener and ways that make sure that they are well sustained.
But there are a lot of problems that can make garage door opener not to work properly. Most of these reasons are small and can be easily fixed while other problems may total damage to your garage door. The following information can help you to be familiar with any problem that will happen to your garage door opener.
This is the main problem that usually affect the springs making the garage door not to work properly. Rust make springs to increase friction to the coils. Rust usually corrodes the coil making the spring to weaken. You can stop this rust by lubricating your garage door spring with lubricant like oil or grease. Lubricate should be done after every three or four months. Lubricating you garage door springs quarterly in an year will prevent rust from building in the door springs.
Incorrect springs
There are different garage door and they also have different spring. The springs are designed to work with a particular model of garage door. This mean that a spring that be used in a certain door may not be the correct one. The wire size and the lengths of the spring may fail to fit on the garage door opener. This may make the spring to fail very quickly or easily break.
Wear and Tear
This is a common problem that causes many garage door openers failure. Spring of the door get spoiled after some time, some have like 10,000 cycles before getting damage one cycle mean opening and closing once. Excessive Opening and closing or several cycles are the main reasons for wear and tear in springs. You may be using your garage door in the morning when going to work and in the evening after coming from work. Also your children may use the garage when removing there bicycle in the morning going to school and put them back after school; this mean you are using your garage door openers more than twice in a day. At this rate garage door opener will wear and tear quickly.
Poor Maintenance
If you have a poor habit of maintain your garage door it will not last for longer. By maintaining you garage door opener very carefully the springs of the door will last for longer time before getting any problem. Always lubricate you door on a regular bases.By avoiding all this problems your garage door opener will work well and be last long. Remember also to set the sensor of you door that usually control closing of the garage door.