Though very minute and inconspicuous, a garage door cable plays an intrinsic part in containing the weight of a garage door through lifting and lowering. This loyal servant works hand in hand with the torsion spring whenever it is called upon to effectively and quietly carry out its core role in both manual and automatic garage doors.

Unluckily like any other mechanical component, there are some occasions when the garage door may suddenly or gradually come off the pulley. Some events and processes can make a garage door cable come off the pulley. They comprise the following;

  • The cable may get twisted over a time and progress to the edge of the pulley.
  • The cable may suddenly come out of the pulley due to forced motion caused by slamming the garage door forcibly.
  • Spring that is broken or loose causing uneven tensions.
  • Unequal distribution of weight when the garage door is opening and closing.
  • Poor garage door maintenance. For instance, dust accumulation and use of poor lubricants.

Rectifying a garage door cable is not an easy walk in the park like any other form of garage door repair as somebody might presume. It requires the support of a trained specialist who is well conversant with garage doors.

The vital steps one can follow to rectify a garage door cable and put it back onto its pulley comprises;

  • The first thing you should do is to unplug the opener from the electricity supply to avoid electric fatalities.
  • Release the tension of the springs and the cable by moving up the garage door manually to about the radius of the horizontal track. Ensure you clamp the garage door on both sides by using a firm screwdriver in one of the holes of the track.
  • You have to skip step 2 if the garage is wholly on the ground and rewind the drum on the side that came off. While rewinding, maintain hold of the screws that support the shaft by using a winding bar. Then lift the door using the instructions in step two.
  • Detach the cable by disconnecting it where it is attached to the spring.
  • At this point, you can now proceed and wind the cable back onto the pulley and attach it firmly t its original point.
  • Lastly, test the distribution of tension and ensure that they are equal on both sides of the garage door to prevent any re occurrence. If the tension is equal, then you are good to go and can reconnect the garage door opener back to the electric socket.

It is highly recommended that you properly evaluate your approach to repairing a garage door cable. You are advised that you communicate with agencies specialized garage door service to help you with expertise assistance to avoid accidents.

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