It is always frustrating when a garage door that provides security for your vehicle or items stored in your garage will is stuck and will not open fully or close fully. However, there are some trouble-free troubleshooting procedures that will help you solve this problem. Wheels chains and sticky tracks are some of the main parts to look for whenever this problem occurs. It is necessary to lubricate these parts in order to problems to the mentioned parts; nevertheless, regular maintenance will help solve these problems. This should be done once every 6months. More tips of fixing a garage door that gets stuck are provided below.

Trouble Shooting And Fixing A Garage Door That Gets Stuck

* In order to fix this problem, you need to have some tools; they include a ladder, a spray garage door lubricant, a wooden block, level, screw driver, hammer, and an adjustable wrench. You can then take the following steps to fix your stuck garage door.

* Pull the cord that hangs from the guide track to your automatic garage door and has a red handle. It is a manual override cord that allows you to manually pull the garage door in order to open and shut it manually. Should you find that your garage door opens and shuts manually without sticking, you know that it is a problem with the electric motor. Therefore, you should contact a garage door repair professional.

* In case you have an automatic garage door opener, try adjusting the automatic sensitivity settings. In case the garage door sensitivity settings are set too high, your garage door may get stuck.

* There are garage doors opening problems that coincide with weather changes. In such a scenario, it is essential to ensure that adjust the opener pressure in case your garage door has this feature. This adjusts the force the door needs to open mechanically. However, if you are not familiar with the appropriate pressure for the garage door to operate, ensure that you contact a garage door expert. Too much pressure may cause the garage door to fail to stop while opening, leaving people and objects at risk of harm or damage respectively.

* Position a ladder just under your garage door in order to check the tracks once the door is open. Lubricate the wheels of your garage door and the tracks as well. It is important to spray each wheel with the spray garage door lubricant individually; additionally, it is always good to check for obstruction while troubleshooting.

* In order to lubricate your automatic garage’s chain, open the door and lubricate while the garage door feeds into the motor. Ensure you target the whole garage door chain.

* It is important to check your garage door for bumps as well as dents on the metal track. Use a wooden block and hold it against any damaged part of the track and hit the block with a hammer. It is necessary not to directly hit the track with the hammer as the block ensures an even outcome and prevents damage to the metal track.