Often times when we are checking the garage door to perform maintenance services we forget to check the springs. Truth be told, springs are probably the most important and expensive parts of our garage doors. When broken, garage door springs can cause a lot more injury and pain than any other parts of our door. It is therefore not advisable for inexperienced people to go and try to fix spring problems, when the garage door falls on you it could cause death.

How to know the spring are broken for sure:

Sometimes, squeaking or the garage door does not mean the springs are broken, all it may need you to do is to apply some quality garage door lubricant and that squeaking will be history. However if you door is old and continually squeaks even after using the lubricant you may want to call a professional to check it out- prevention is always better than cure.

You will know that your garage door springs are broken or missing if whenever you open the door it falls without moving slowly. If your door does this when you open it with the garage door opener, try to open it manually, if it still has problems opening then you are sure your springs have a problem.

A garage door is made of two springs;

The torsion springs- they are fixed right above the door and can be seen when the door is closed

The extension springs- they are the most important springs and receive the most tension. They are fixed right above the upper tracks on both door sides. They should be fitted with bales that run right through the door. These cables assist garage door owners operate the broken extension springs.

Most springs usually come with spring brackets fitted at the bottom of the door. Some door have mechanisms that prevent inexperienced and curious people from operating or reaching these spring brackets.

When garage door springs break, it is advisable to seek professional help. Do not attempt to repair or replace you broken garage door springs especially using instructions you found on Google. It may not sound serious or fatal now, but when that heavy garage door falls on you or a member of your house hold because of you negligence or ignorance you will only have yourself to blame.

If you suspect that your garage door is broken call a professional to look at it. It is always more advantageous to be safe than sorry. For fixing your springs you need a professional trained in matters on handling your garage door, experienced in the same and who is friendly and will not turn out to be a robber.

Trusted professional are hard to come by these days and the ones that are available are too expensive to be contracted by average earning people. If you are in Dayton contact Dayton garage experts for safe replacement and repair of your springs. Garage doors need urgent attention for remember to keep in mind, especially in you have children, that your garage door springs can break and could cause injury. Check them frequently.