Garages are the most common features in almost every home today. However if you are still stuck with the manual doors, it is highly likely that many a times you may forget to lock it. With advances in door opener technology there is no reason why you should not enjoy an automatic door because it offers many benefits.

The Joys of an Automatic Garage Door

Well, everything is moving towards automation especially in the home front; just think of the joy your TV remote brings and you will appreciate why you need an automatic garage door. Take a look:

  • Easy access: There are no physical strains involved as the motor does all the hauling. All you need is your remote to get access into the house.
  • Convenience: Imagine driving home during a rainy evening and you have to unlock the manual garage door. It is a frustrating experience and in fact, you might be tempted to leave the car outside and dash into the house.
  • Enhanced security: An automated door offers more security as it is hard to break into. What’s more, you will be safer when you arrive home, as you will not have to walk out of the car to unlock your garage.
  • Safety: With automatic reverse systems, these doors are safer as they will reverse in case of an obstacle on their path thus averting accidents.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: There are many designs, colors and materials to choose from in order to complement your home decor.

Professional Door Automation

Now that you appreciate how good an automatic garage door is, it is important to appreciate how to automate the existing one. If you live in Dayton, it is obvious that you lead a busy life.

The question is; are you ready to buy an installation kit and try automating your door? Here are some steps to use in automating your door:

  • Pick the door automation type: You can pick from roll-up, tip-up, sectional and retractable overhead. This calls for some research to determine which one fits your lifestyle.
  • Choose a professional to work within the Dayton: There are hundreds of door experts but you need to look for experience, licensing, insurance, expertise, reputation and reliability.
  • Pick the type of opener you want: There are three main types including belt-drives that use rubber belts thus producing the least noise, screw driver openers that use a threaded steel rod to raise the door and chain-drive openers, which are noisy due to metal-to-metal contact.

Well, many people might advise you to install the opener yourself. However, just ask yourself, do you have the skills and time for the task? What’s more, why take such a risk with the largest moving part of your home?