When you think about garage doors, you must consider the door opener. Choose an opener based on its function, horse power, speed and amount of maintenance required.

The first thing that you should always consider when choosing a garage door is a garage door opener. There are many openers in the market. Knowing how to choose one will ensure that the door works in perfect condition. We encourage our clients to shop online because this is where they will find a variety of options.

Shopping online also offers our clients the opportunity to read customer reviews so that they can learn from people’s experiences. Your fellow consumers are the best people to review a door opener because it will be truthful and prepares you to know what to expect. Here are other considerations:


The opener exists because of the garage door. As such, you must understand the measurements of the door so that you can purchase an opener that will open and close it efficiently. As experts, we also recommend considering the material and insulation properties of the door. Garage door openers are available in three types depending on the mechanism used to operate them.

  1. Chain drive openers: As the name suggests, the opener will open and close the door using a chain. Since they are somewhat noisy, they are quite popular for commercial use because they are cheaper than other openers. Additionally, you can rely on this type to lift heavy garage doors.
  2. Belt drive openers: These openers use rubber reinforced in metal. This rubber reduces the noise while opening the door, thus they are suitable for home garages. This opener offers great performance. If you use the garage door frequently, we advise that you get this opener.
  3. Direct drive openers: They either use chains or belts when opening and closing. They are great for those who want tilted doors. When you are looking for an opener, you want one that is durable. This opener lasts longer and when you need garage door repair, the cost of repairs is minimal.

 Horse power

When you are lifting a garage door, you must consider the horsepower that you will use to lift it. Oversize doors need at least three quarters horsepower. The speed of the opener is also important.

If you have made a bad decision when choosing an opener that broke within a few months, you can get better repairing and maintenance services from us. We will optimize the speed for you and ensure that your opener works efficiently. Choose a garage door opener that does not cause damage to other parts of the door. Since the garage also stores other items, the opener should not cause damage to these items either.