The garage door can be considered to be one of the largest movable parts in a home. It’s composed of several moving components which assist in facilitating the automated movements. With time the recurrent movements might result in the garage door malfunctioning. As much as repairing a garage door seems simple, the process is really cumbersome. Subject your garage door to regular maintenance with the Dayton garage door repair experts. Here are maintenance tips to remove the risk from an old garage door:

1. Pay Keen Attention

The best way you can find out if you need a garage door repair immediately is by checking if it moves smoothly when opened. If it experiences occasional jerks, then it’s in need of attention. A grinding or scraping noise when operated also indicates that the movable components are faulty. Take a keen look if the pulleys, strings and connecting cables look symmetrical.

2. Fasten the Hardware

The repetitive up-down movement on the garage door perennially loosens the hardware. This is due to the vibration generated with every motion. Fasten all bolts and roller brackets using a socket wrench.

3. Check if the Door Balances

Improper balance results in functionality problems from the garage door opener. When such a problem is not checked, the door might not endure for long. Once you pull the release handle, the opener gets disconnected. Then manually raise the door a meter halfway. If you notice that it doesn’t balance, there is a high chance its counterweight system have not accurately balanced. In most cases this are the springs. Contact professionals to carry out the garage door opener repair.

4. Examine and Change the Rollers

At least twice a year inspect the state of your door rollers. This applies to both steel and nylon rollers. It’s advisable to replace them in a period not exceeding seven years. Rollers which are chipped, cracked or worn out should be immediately replaced. The process is quite complex so contact garage door installation Dayton experts to remove and reinstall the defective roller brackets.

5. Change the Weather-strip

Examine the rubber weather strip usually fastened onto the bottom of the door. Any sign of cracks, indicate that the door is faulty. Replace the strip immediately so as to keep the weather elements from entering your house. The weather strip is measured in foot metric and can be found at home improvement and hardware retail stores. It will be trimmed to the right size and inserted accurately into the grooves.

6. Lubrication

All moving parts need to be greased up regularly. This increases the doors functionality making it last longer. Lubricate the screw and chain. An overspray lubricant comes in handy when greasing the springs overhead.

7. Condition of your Cables

Be careful when examining the springs as they can cause fatal injury in case of accident. In case of fault hire a professional who will examine it for broken strands that usually occur close to the lower roller bracket.

Keep your garage door windows clean and closed when out of the house. This improves the home security. Any faults with your garage door opener leave it to the pros who will come with special tools such as a garage door special opener. Take good care of your garage door as it occupies a significant proportion of your home interior.