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Garage door repair becomes a significant thing once the garage door inspection reveals that there is something wrong with it. Out of the many things that one has to learn while doing the garage door installation service is how to install a garage door bottom rubber gasket. The rubber gasket plays a significant part in keeping the water, dirt, debris, and rats, etc. at bay by blocking their entry. So, garage door repair involves the understanding of how to install a garage door bottom rubber gasket.

The procedure is laughably simple though if one handles the task adroitly and with proper planning and follows the some simple steps:

  1. First of all one need to have a measurement of the bottom of the door. Get the garage door inspection done thoroughly and with the tape measure get the length of the door. Further, the rubber gasket that has to be bought should be 6 inches longer than the measured length.
  2. The next caution to maintain while doing the garage door service is to ensure that the power is turned off in case the garage door is not operated manually but with power.
  3. Next step in the garage door installation of bottom rubber gasket is identifying a sleeve with grooves which has the rubber gasket that is being held with the help of the screws. So, one should use the screwdriver in order to unfasten the screws, and also the old rubber gasket has to be cut into pieces in order to facilitate its easy removal from the slot.
  4. The next step is to ensure that the sleeve is straight enough in order to enable the easy insertion of the new rubber gasket. Also, some sort of lubricant should also be used in order to make it easy to insert the rubber gasket.
  5. Next, push the rubber gasket inside the sleeve and firstly push it towards one end and insert it completely, and then push it towards the other end as well.
  6. The additional rubber gasket should be cut off then with a knife. However, every caution must be ensured while doing this garage door installation that there is no part which gets damaged. Handle the things skilfully and faultlessly.
  7. The next step would be garage door inspection which is done to locate if the garage door installation of the rubber gasket at the bottom is successful or not. It should be ensured that there is no hindrance when the door moves up and down. Moreover, it should also be checked that there is not enough space for rats, etc. to enter. If there is some anomaly found when the garage door inspection is done then proper corrective measures should be adopted, which would generally involve adjust the size of the rubber gasket.

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