Garage door maintenance is very important for their proper functioning. To install your garage door go for experts who will do it properly. Briefly explained are Wood vs steel garage doors maintenance tips.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood still remains the most popular material for building garage doors. Despite several alternatives such as metal and fibre glass competing for the market, it still remains highly popular. Up scale homes prefer wooden doors for their elegance and refined look. Wooden doors are not mass produced so a good number are custom built. Their designs perfectly blend with your home environment.

Identification and Treatment of Problems

Wood rot   

Wooden doors when maintained poorly are affected by rot. Slowly the wood begins to blacken. In areas where moisture has coalesced for a while, the wood begins to disintegrate.

Solution: As soon as any indication of rot emerges, sand down this affected area. It’s advisable to do this for the entire garage door so as to chip off all dead wood. In the areas where the wood is extensive, use a wood chisel to chip off the area and use epoxy putty to rebuild it. Larger areas should be totally removed and changed with new wood sections.

Fading and Cracking

When wooden doors are constantly exposed to drier climates or ultra violet rays they lose their gleam.

Solution: Ensure that you apply a suitable exterior coating. First sand down the garage door before applying the coating. Tinted sealer when applied restores the lost colour to the wood.

Steel Garage Doors

There are several types of metallic doors depending on the material that makes them. They are such as aluminium and steel. The most common of those made of steel. They are built in factories where they are readily assembled. This standardised production means there are fewer variety in options available to choose from.

Identification and Treatment of Problems

Dents and Ding

With time steel doors can accumulate dings or dents. This might be inflicted by small kids playing about. Dents damage the appearance of the garage door with reflects onto the entire home.

Solution: Go for heavier steel door models which resist impacting force. They will last longer due to their stronger endurance. The lower the steel gauge the thicker it is. You can go for the “sandwich “which is a 27 gauge steel skin with an insulated core bonding.

Susceptible to corrosion 

Over time the steel doors develop rust. This mostly happens in moist areas or coastal climates.

Solution: If you live in places close to a large salt water body, the steel garage door might not be the best option to go with. Sections of the chains should be constantly lubricated to facilitate smooth movement.

When compared to wooden doors there are Fewer Options on Design. They are mostly built in factories meaning that they are highly standardised. The colour, shapes and designs are mostly similar. This means there are fewer options available to pick from. Carrying out a Garage door opener repair can be very confusing. When confronted by repair issues its advisable to contact a Dayton garage door repair expert.