Garage door measurement or repair is sometimes tedious and ordering for new doors and installing them may be cumbersome. Garage door install can be done by services that have majored in provision for the service. Garage door services provide the best of all and ensure that instructions are followed accurately in a workable manner. When ordering a first hand garage door for installation, manufactures require you to make measurements of the garage door. When you want to know the size of a garage door, it is prudent to put in mind that most doors need some kind of frame to attach.

The manufactures ask for numerous measurements before making an order for any garage door. You have to provide the width together with the height of the existing brick work, internal headroom existing from the basement of the lintel proceeding upwards to the closest obstruction and the available space on the internal. You can either measure sectional-garage doors or roller- shutter garage doors.

Sectional garage doors

Majority of sectional-garage doors are installed behind the internal face of the brick. This is intended to allow the full drive through the garage opening. Domestic doors need a region of 100mm on both sides. Before purchasing, it is worthwhile to check with the manufacturer the spacing. Since the hardware of the sectional garage door comes into the space, it is important to allow room for horizontal tracks. You will need approximately 350-600mm from the front to the rear of the garage. When purchasing this type of garage door, you need to give structural openings measurements.

Roller-shutter garage doors

This door exists in different forms and it differs between manufactures. Some manufactures require overall width, height and the structural opening. It is always advisable to double check before placing an order to buy. Today’s modern roller-shutter garage door requires side rooms so that the guides can attach. This is seen in the case of the steel single roller door. It’s very possible to insulate the roller between, behind or at the external face of the reveal.

The roller door curtain is sustained by brackets that are attached to the side and above the opening. Whenever the door curtains opens, it rolls above the lintel area. For a domestic property, the usual curtain roll is estimated to be between 325-450mm. To allow virtually the full use of the drive through the height, the roll is required to be positioned behind the lintel area.

Today’s roller-shutters do not need a sub-frame as the tracks are designed to fit directly without stress to the garage structure. Shielded or insulated roller doors are designed in a way that they can fit in between structural openings. Whereas non- shielded steel roller doors must be able to be placed behind a structure. The track guides have been observed to be different in construction.

Depending on the type of garage door to be installed, each has its own specifications. Hiring a garage door opener service to do your repairing can make your work easier. Structural measurements can be done by garage door repair service and you can be assured that everything will fit correctly.