When you look at your garage door with its different parts, you might wonder how this large door works. This is usually a thought at the back of your mind until the garage door becomes troublesome. If your door opens and closes slowly, something is wrong. You need to know how to fix a garage door that opens slowly. A garage door opener is comprised of springs, pulleys, tracks and sensors. Once you choose the best speed to open your door and it still opens slowly, we advise our clients to check the speed setting. This could be the challenge for users to fix the issue of Garage Door garage door opener very slow to Open and Close . Most doors are set at lower speeds upon purchase. To correct  it, you only need to adjust these settings.

When this does not work, consider the following:

How to Fix a Garage Door garage door opener very slow Open and Close

  1. Call the experts. Our technicians will reach the home or commercial building fast and they will use a stepladder to reach the opener. The expert will then check the mechanism to assess the problem. The first thing that they do is remove the panel.
  2. Our technicians will adjust the speed of the opener to its optimum level using a screw. We will then check if there is any change in the rate that the door opens or closes.
  3. The grim build up could be the reason why the door is slow. Our technician will check whether the tracks, rollers and hinges have adequate lubrication as they could be causing the door to stick. Two drops of oil on the hinges, the seams of the rollers and the curves of these tracks will ensure proper lubrication.

Garage Door Opener Tuning

A common problem is opening and closing of the garage door without any input. Our technicians will check whether there is an issue of Garage Door  opener very slow  or malfunctioning of the operator and offer garage door opener tuning. There could be signals from installation or shorts leading to slowness. There are cases when the push button is stuck. Constant contact with the push button will remove the entrapment. When the door is still slow, the button could be defective. You might need a new operator.

A common guardian garage door opener issue is power issues. This means that there is an issue  with the control circuit or the capacitor is faulty that make the garage door opener very slow. When this happens, the motor is difficult to start. Our technician will power cycle the opener so that it works again.

When your garage door opener very slow and having difficulties, do not force it to open and close as this can lead to safety risks. Seek the services of a credible company to fix the issue. Seeking professional assistance is imperative for both the safety and functioning of your garage door system.