When was the last time you had your door springs checked? If you are like most homeowners, you rarely give a lot of thought to these springs even when your door conks. This is because you believe that only the motor or opener can cause problems.

Crucial Role

Springs play a critical role in ensuring your door operates smoothly. Take a look:

  • Efficiency: Your door opener cannot work if there is a problem with the springs. In short, your door is only as good as the condition of its springs.
  • Safety: If a garage door spring snaps as your kids play underneath, it can be catastrophic. This is why as the premier garage door expert in Dayton we offer spring replacement at affordable prices.

At Dayton Garage Door Experts, we leave nothing to chance when you contact us. We send a technician immediately to ascertain the springs are not broken or loose. If the spring is broken or loose we immediately replace it using the best brands in the industry.

A Little Insight

They say knowledge is power and this is why we endeavor to enlighten our clients on these springs before replacing them. There are two types:

  • Torsion springs: These attach above a closed garage door and they are crucial in raising and lowering your garage door. They are always under constant tension and need expert attention.
  • Extension springs: Placed above the upper tracks on both sides.

Professionals Doing their Job

The fact that a garage door is bulky and always in use means it will weaken and eventually break. The danger if this happens with someone underneath the door is obvious. This is where our technicians come in handy.

Someone might have told you that garage doors are repairable through DIY tips. Truth be told, this person lied to you. However efficient you are with tools, spring replacement is best left to the professionals. Why should you let our technicians replace your old springs? Here are some ideas:

  • We have the expertise: Our technicians have high training with registration and certification to practice in Dayton.
  • Tools and equipment: We have advanced tools to diagnose garage door problems and replace your old garage door springs.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: All our services and repair parts come with warranty.

Why should you risk the life of your family? Just call us today and keep your family safe.