Have you ever had a nasty experience with your garage door repair? If not, it is most likely you maintain it regularly. The fact that this is a bulky and regularly used home fitting makes it prone to wear and tear. This is the reason residential garage door repair services in Dayton come in handy.

A garage door plays a fundamental role in securing your home. What’s more, it gives easy access to your home without a lot of inconvenience. As such, lack of maintenance can pose security risks while also causing inconvenience in case any part is not working efficiently.

Major Types of Garage Door Problems

There are many types of doors including retractable up and over, canopy up and over, sectional garage doors among others. However, problems you face with all these are similar and they include:

  • Broken spring: Due to the weight the torsion and extension springs carry, it is obvious they will have to break at some point. Replacement by an expert is the only option.
  • Broken cables: The pulley system is complex as well as very risky if not repaired regularly. If cables break, you need an expert to repair and replace cables immediately.
  • Garage door openers: These come in three main types including belt-drives, which pull weight using rubber belts, chain-drive which uses a chain to draw the door and screw driven openers, which use a threaded steel rod to lift and lower your door. There are always issues with openers from problems with reversing, opening, closing and unusual noise. Remote control problems are also common.
  • Warped tracks: Due to the massive weight of these doors, tracks do bend and only an expert with appropriate tools can be trusted to repair them.
  • Panel repair and replacement: Panels can give a weak point for your garage door and an expert should replace them as soon as possible.

There are other services, which a door repair expert can offer. They range from safety inspection, fire drop tests, roller replacement and weather seal replacement among others. Moreover, the expert provides emergency services in case your door jams just when you are about to leave.

Picking a Professional Door Repair Service

Dayton is a wide area with hundreds of companies offering a garage door repair. You need to pick wisely by assessing technical expertise, experience, reliability, equipment, reputation, location, licensing and of course range of services.