If you have ever encountered a jammed garage door in the morning then you know how frustrating it can be. When in a hurry you might even have to leave the door open or risk missing an important deadline.

Specialist Skills

Well, most of the common garage door problems need a specialist garage door expert to fix them. However, it is imperative as a homeowner to have an idea of these problems and on how you can fix or even avoid them in the first place.As much as you are a DIY person, remember that a garage door is a risky object to tinker with, due to its weight and speed.

Tips on Solving Common Problems

So, what are the most likely problems to encounter when dealing with your garage door? Take a quick look:

  • Garage door not opening or closing properly: A common problem that can be due to misaligned or blocked safety sensors or an open limit switch. Your remote might also have a problem with the batteries and a battery change is advisable.
  • Problem with the track: The track might be loose, warped, or clogged with grime and dirt due to use of ordinary grease. Constant cleaning is advisable but if the track is loose, you need a professional garage door expert to tighten the loose bolts because it needs proper tools.
  • Garage door falls too quickly: This is a dangerous issue and can be due to broken cables or loose springs. This is a problem that a technician will diagnose and sort by repairing or replacing these parts.
  • Loud noises: Garage doors are ordinarily noisy but if you hear unusually loud noise then there might be dirt or grime on the tracks. Cleaning the track is the solution but if the noise persists; you should call a door expert immediately.
  • Garage door motor continues running after opening or closing: This is a common problem with the limit switch. The switch needs adjusting but if the problem continues, an expert should check the motor system.

There are other common problems including broken hinges or rollers but again they need technical expertise, which is why a garage door expert in Dayton must be on your quick dial.