A wooden garage door gives an earthy and natural appeal to your home and it should receive keen care. Unlike steel that can withstand vagaries of nature, wood needs constant pampering to ensure it retains its allure and sturdiness.

Classic Touch

If you want to give your house an amazing aristocratic touch, there is no better way than adding a wooden garage door. Other than aesthetic appeal, wood also gives you:

  • Versatility: You can use in wooden doors for any type of garage or design you need.
  • Uniqueness: Wood is easy to customize and your unique door style will be hard to copy in your neighborhood.
  • Easy maintenance: Repairing broken parts is easy especially when you deal with a Dayton garage door expert with experience in dealing with wooden doors.
  • Functionality: Wood is natural sound barrier and this makes it an ideal garage door material.

Pampering Your Wooden Garage Door

The benefits go on and on but the question remains how to care for your wooden garage door. Here are some ideas:

  • Check moving parts regularly at least once a year. This includes springs, hinges, and rollers among others. You should lubricate these according to the manufacturers’ advice to avoid friction.
  • Ventilation and pest control: Moisture easily damages wood and this is why your door must have adequate ventilation to avoid damage. This will also prevent sagging or warping. Ensure there are no puddles of water beneath the door.
  • Climate control: To make your door durable, paint and seal it to protect it from direct sunlight, UV rays and direct rain. Once a year ensure you give it a new coat of paint to enhance this protection.
  • Safety inspection: Due to its bulkiness, the door might start getting stiff and even sag at the middle. If this happens, there could be a problem with springs or cables. A Dayton garage door company will assess the safety of your door and rectify the problem using the right tools and expertise.
  • Constantly check for loose bolts and nuts and call an expert to replace them or tighten them if there is no major issue.

While these tasks might look easy, remember working on your garage door can be dangerous. A garage door repair service has the right tools and skills to help maintain your wooden door effectively.